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Wedding Photography Mistakes Amateurs Need to Avoid

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Wedding shooting can be one of the most difficult assignments a photographer can come by in his lifetime. A lot is at stake here and photographers usually make loads of mistakes while they are looking for the right kind of photo at weddings.Step 1: InexperienceAnyone who owns a DSLR or any other advanced compact camera system has to be called for a wedding photography some time or the other. Shooting a wedding is mighty big job and must not be left on the shoulders of an inexperienced. In case you are being paid, ensure that your commitment actually pays off. Ensure that the couple in question knows all about the situation they are about to face.

The perfect kit makes the job perfect. To this ensure, two decent cameras, selected lenses and a couple of flashguns added to it.And in case you are not confident enough just accept the role but as the second photographer, this means you will be shooting from alternative angles, having duplicate shots and take a couple of the pro’s shots. This will all add to your experience.Step 2: ExposureThe next big trouble is set in form of the color combination of the costumes of the bride and the groom. The biggest headache to every photographer is not to overexpose the bride’s white dress, while he tunes in to the details in the groom’s suit.If over exposed, the dress will be set as an uniform mass of white light, that can be put to no further use. While any underexposure will make it look grey and grubby. Underexposure can be corrected post photography, with a little noise, but it must be a little so as not to lose on the groom’s dark suit.An ideal photograph is one that produces an image which has the details finely lined throughout the range of the tonal area.

Use digital cameras, the features of this will have a huge range of advantage over the film cameras. Check the exposure immediately after you take the picture and adjust the exposure accordingly. The auto-exposure bracketing facility is used to take a sequence of images without any extra cost and in quick succession.The histogram view to your camera, aims to produce images that actually has a peak towards the end right side of the scale. To make things easier, turn on the cams highlight settings. This will warn you of over- exposed areas, so that you can shoot again.


Written by larsenvirgil16

July 23, 2016 at 4:53 pm

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